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Life-Preserving Smartphone Accessories

Keeping your mobile device from harm is at the top of any tablet or phone user’s priorities, but there are a few accessories on the market that can protect your product from possible damage. Take a few moments to review our list of some of the best smartphone accessories and applications on the market right […]

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Importance Of Choosing Right Smartphone Accessories

Carrying your smartphone to your favorite sunny destination? While the pure beach wind and sunshine could do a world of good for you, it the exposure to the elements can cause damage to your smartphone. However, things have not reached a dead end. You could protect these devices by choosing the right smartphone accessories. Choose […]

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10 Tech Blogs that you should monitor daily

The number of good Tech blogs known for discussing from Smartphone accessories to breaking tech news to reviews and tutorials of the latest technology are basically endless. If you are confused as to which blog to follow, then read on to know about the 10 best tech blogs providing interesting and informative content daily. ZDNet […]

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Two Smartphone Settings That Can Simplify Your Life

These days the smart phones have become immensely popular. This is because, there is nothing left that we cannot do on our smart phones and the smartphone accessories that are provided to us. In some cases, the things that are possible with the smart phones often leave the users surprised. Here in this article, we […]

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Best Free iPhone Apps

According to the Pew Research Center, of the 91% of people in the United States that own a cell phone, 25% have an iPhone. If there are 300 million people in the United States, then 68.25 million own an Apple smartphone. This is a staggering number, one that explains why Apple is the most profitable […]

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Technology Promises To Change The Way You Accessorize

The number and types of phone accessories are both increasing. Even now, most people only think of smartphone accessories as headphones, screen guards and covers. Those who are more technologically inclined also tend to use Bluetooth headsets. However, technology has moved even beyond Bluetooth headsets. We know of a product that comes in the form […]

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Perfect gizmos for your valentine

It is that time of year again, where sweethearts exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day.  Traditional gifts include flowers, chocolates and the like .  However, if you want to get that someone special something unique, there are many hot gizmos  to choose from on the marketplace today. Here’s a list of cool gadgets that will take […]

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The Best iPhone Accessories for a Gadget Freak This Holiday Season

In recent years, there have been numerous advancements in the telecommunications industry. The iPhone has been an excellent introduction to the market. During the holiday season, people are always looking for some gifts for their loved and dear ones. From customized leather cases to bluetooth gadgets, you can choose from a wide range of iPhone […]

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