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Summer is over – Fix that Broken Screen

Summer is over – Fix that Broken Screen

You cracked your iPhone screen on Memorial Day but toughed out the broken screen all summer without having it repaired. Why go to the trouble, it was just a small crack! Now approaching Labor Day, the crack has spread. The touchscreen isn’t always responding, and reading content or pictures is difficult. You even cut your […]

Smartphone Liquid Damage Recovery

Smartphone Liquid Damage Recovery

There you are on the beach in Sarasota. It’s your first full day of sun and sand and you are ready to hit the cool ocean waters and show off your body surfing skills. You sprint for the shoreline, dive in and head out for the breakers. Just then you realize that your trusted cell […]

The Value of ZAGG Screen Protection

Americans spent $4 billion on cell phone repairs in 2016, and cracked or broken screens are by far the most common repair needed. It can leave the touchscreen and keyboard unusable, disrupt the ability to text or make calls, and often can’t even be unlocked. ZAGG Screen Protection and Repair offers fast, affordable, top quality […]

Screen Repair and Liquid Damage in the Summer

The screen is the most vulnerable part of your smartphone. A cracked screen from dropping or dinging can affect your smartphone’s functionality and leave you cut off from your life! Water damage is another common hazard. ZAGG Phone Repair offers fast and efficient screen repair and replacement as well as Liquid Damage Recovery, all top […]

Phone Repair on the Go in Orlando & Sarasota Florida

Our smartphones, tablets, and devices are our lifelines. Screens are vulnerable and our iPhones and iPads take a lot of hits. When you are facing a cracked or broken screen or other hardware problem on your iPhone or iPad, the cost of replacement and the unplanned downtime can be equally painful. ZAGG Phone Repair not […]

What to Look for in a Phone Repair Shop

In the era of smartphones, tablets and everything electronic, repair shops are popping up all over the place. Why?  This is primarily due to the fact that most people cannot afford to replace a broken phone every few months.  This is what to look for in a phone repair shop. Let’s face it, regardless of […]

Wireless Earbuds: The Right Choice for an Active Lifestyle

Whether you’re traveling across the country, working out at the local gym, or simply walking down by the beach, the versatility of wireless earbuds makes sense. Wireless earbuds, expressly designed for an active lifestyle, allow the user the chance to enjoy their favorite music or podcasts anytime, anywhere. To put it simply, wireless technology is […]

The Dangers of Using a Phone With a Broken Screen

A cracked cell phone screen may not seem like a huge deal to begin with, but the situation may get worse over time. Not only does a crack in the touchscreen may obscure view, but it may also expose the phone to further internal damage. While the screen could remain intact for the foreseeable future […]

How Retractable Earbuds Help You Keep Moving

Ear buds are one of the most common types of headphones available in stores today. Their small profile and portability makes them popular for working out, traveling, and just generally being on the go. For all their convenience, however, there are some things you should know. For instance, retractable earbuds have hit the market and […]

Let Wireless Earbuds Transform Your Listening Experience

While there are certainly many individuals who will just use their mobile device for talking or texting, there are still some who prefer their new iPhone as a media device – music, movies, and podcasts, for example. To properly enjoy such entertainment while, say, out and about on public transit, wireless earbuds truly make a […]


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