Broken iPhone Screens RepairsThere is no smartphone fail quite as heartbreaking as dropping your phone and picking it up, hoping for the best, and instead finding the first signs of a cracked screen.  iPhones are expensive to buy, expensive to replace and typically expensive to fix.  Without insurance, you are resigned to using your broken phone, having to be reminded of the cracked screen every time you try to check the time or make a phone call.  Cracked screens are a problem for many reasons. Aesthetically they are unappealing, but they also make it difficult to read text or view images on your screen.

While many may feel inclined to bring their broken iPhone to the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple store, there is another option.  Often located in the same mall, the Zagg Phone Repair kiosk can replace your cracked iPhone screen quickly and often times for much cheaper than the repair would cost at the Apple store.  One Yelper who recently reviewed his Zagg experience at our Montgomery Mall kiosk, originally received estimates from Zagg and Apple, and found Zagg’s price for screen replacement to be over $100 cheaper than the quote from Apple.

Zagg is convenient, reasonably priced and offers thorough and reliable service.  We hope your iPhone stays securely protected (with a Zagg InvisbleSHIELD, of course!).  But if you experience a cracked screen, bring you’re iPhone to Zagg Phone Repair, and we will make sure that it is replaced in no time!


At ZAGG, we understand the frustration of a broken smartphone. Whether you wield an iPhone or Android, it is still painful. ZAGG Phone Repair is here to help; whether you are visiting one of our retail locations or choose to mail in your device, ZAGG will quickly and conveniently repair smartphones, tablets and mp3 players to working condition. Whether you are in need of iPhone repair, iPad repair or iPod repair, Zagg Phone Repair has the service and quality you need to ensure your devices are working properly.

Broken iPhone screens happen every day, and having one repaired used to be inconvenient and expensive. An Apple iPhone only comes with a limited warranty that only includes one year of hardware repairs, and extended warranties are pricey and only include one extra year of service. At ZAGG Phone Repair centers, a broken iPhone can be repaired in 30-90 minutes. Did you ever think iPhone repair could be so speedy? You may not even notice it is gone.

Why replace your phone when repair is possible? A broken iPhone or iPad screen does not necessarily mean a broken device. ZAGG Phone repair is here to help. New smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars. Avoid the expense of a new smartphone or tablet; ZAGG Phone Repair is an affordable and fast service. Your iPhone or iPad repairs have never been easier or more effective. With properly performed repairs at ZAGG, we can preserve the life of your smartphones, tablets and mp3 players beyond what any manufacturer warranty will cover. Even if you have busted your iPod screen, we have the skills it takes for top-notch iPod repair.

Smartphones, tablets and other devices are expensive investments that most people intend to utilize for several years after purchase. If you own one of these devices, it is safe to say you will eventually find yourself in need of repair, whether it’s an iPod, iPhone or iPad. Although new devices are released often, most of us do not see a reason to immediately upgrade to the next generation of devices at every opportunity. ZAGG Phone Repair seeks to fill the growing need for a comprehensive smartphone repair solution by offering a full selection of repair services with a 90-day parts & labor warranty on every device we fix. Contact us or visit one of our retail outlets today!

ZAGG Phone Repair is always looking to expand our line of repair services, which include:

TouchScreen Replacement Microphone Replacement Button Replacement
LCD Replacement Battery Replacement Camera Replacement
Dock Connector Replacement Volume Control Replacement Earpiece Replacement